Become a GCDP Supporter

Everyone who votes in the Democratic Party Primary Election is a member of the Democratic Party.  Every four years, you are asked to elect a representative from your neighborhood to be on the Central Committee of the Greene County Democratic Party.   Supporting members give money.  Active members give time.  Some do both!  We value all Democratic voters!

Supporting Members provide financial support, in any amount, for the Greene County Democratic Party (GCDP) operations – maintaining a headquarters, communication with Voters and other party activities.

All over the country, small counties like ours are stepping up to push back against the Trump agenda, and to move towards real progress for American families. Your contribution makes it possible for us to protect your right to vote, to bring people together to speak with their representatives, and to let progressives know that they are not alone in Greene County. We are here, we’ve got your back, and we are proud to stand with you at this crucial moment in history. Your contribution is an investment in the future of our democracy.

You can become a supporting member in two ways:

  1. Fill out the form (below) and return with your dues
  2. or set up a recurring donation online here.

You will then receive your Membership card. Everyone who votes in the Democratic Party primary election is a member of the Democratic Party. At four year intervals Democrats elect a representative from their Neighborhood precinct as a member of the GCDP Central Committee.

Please Copy/Paste and Print

Name _________________________________________________ Date __________________

Address _______________________________________________________________________

City __________________________________ State ____________ Zip Code ______________

Home Phone _________________ Work Phone _________________ Cell Phone ____________

Email ___________________________________________________________________________

Employer (State Law required) _______________________________________________________

I prefer to receive updates by ______________ Postal mail   ____________ E-mail

Please make checks payable to: Greene County Democratic Party, and return to:

  1. O. Box 464, Xenia, OH. 45385

(   ) $5 Senior/Student/Supporter

(   ) $10 Basic Supporter

(   ) $25 Sustainer

(   ) $50 New Dealer

(   ) $100 New Frontier

( ) $250 Champion

Issued by the Greene County Democratic Party, Doris Adams, Chairman. P.O. Box 464 Printed in house.