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August 2017: Xenia Residents: Vote Yes to Support Our Schools – Aug 8 2017 (or early vote now)

Please vote yes on the Xenia Community School bond issue.  Early voting times are here.  Polling locations by precinct number are here.  You can also call the Board of Elections at 937-562-6170 for information on polling locations and early voting.
Bond Issue Information:   “Why can’t we just repair and/or renovate our existing buildings?  According to the State’s assessment, the renovations needed for the middle school and high school alone total a cost of over $46 million- well over two thirds the cost of constructing new, up to date, buildings.  In addition, spending millions of dollars to repair these aging buildings would not include any expansion to accommodate current and future enrollment and would not bring them up to a standard needed to prepare students for the 21st century.” …… Xenia Community School Superintendent’s Weekly Update March, 2017.
“The State of Ohio has offered to pay $28.5 million (approximately 40%) to help replace Warner Middle School and Xenia High School, contingent upon the passage of a bond issue to fund the local share. The State’s offer runs out this August…..Without voter approval August 8th, State money goes away and the school district would be faced with trying to fund the needed repairs and renovations using general fund dollars.”
“The cost to the taxpayer would be $12.26 per month per $100,000 of appraised property value.”……  From Xenia Community Schools Flyer
For questions, please contact Christy Fielding, Assistant Superintendent of Business Operations, at 937-376-2961,

August 2017: In-kind Donations to the Family Resource Center of Bellbrook

The Family Resource Center in Bellbrook needs donations for their food pantry.

Right now, they need: laundry detergent, paper towels, deodorants

Drop these items off at the GCDP headquarters between 10am and 4pm on Thursdays through Saturdays and we will transport them there on your behalf. Thank you in advance!

August 2017: Sign Shonda Sneed’s petition to run for Yellow Springs Village Council

Shonda Sneed is running for a seat on the Yellow Springs Village Council. She needs 66 signatures from registered Yellow Springs voters by August 9th to be on the November ballot. Please contact her at 937-559-4643 to add your signature to her petition!

July 2017: Update on the Fair Districts = Fair Elections petition

From festivals to front yards to farmers’ markets, Greene County volunteers circulated Fair Districts=Fair Elections petitions, collecting more than 2,000 signatures in the month ending on July 5!  Greene County was one of only eight of Ohio’s eighty eight counties that has already satisfied the 5% threshold.
Of the more than 300,000 required, somewhat more than 100,000 signatures have been collected. The goal now is to collect many more in the next few months in order to place the constitutional amendment on the November, 2018 ballot.  Though Greene County has met the 5% threshold, Greene County volunteers are needed to continue collecting as the overall statewide requirement is 10% (calculated from the number of people who voted in the 2014 election for Ohio governor).  Learn more here.  

For petitions, contact Doris Adams at 937-231-9996

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