Honk and Wave for Affordable Care Act

Scheduled for March 28, 2012 12:00PM

Hello Beavercreek & Friends,

You are invited to join others in showing support for the health care reform law. 
Wednesday,  March 28, noon to 2:00 PM
Stroop Rd and Dorothy Lane (near the Greene, on the Greene/ Montgomery Cty lines)

More details:  We’ll wave to passerby’s and show our signs supporting health care reform.  We have a few signs, but if possible, bring simple signs such as “I heart Obamacare,”“Protect the HC Law,” “Obamacare is Fair,” “HC Reform is Fair” “Health Care Reform Saves Lives & $$$”, etc. If you are a health care professional, feel free to wear white coat, scrubs, stethoscope, etc. Some of us plan to park in the Greene parking garage (between the movie theater and the fitness center) and get a snack or coffee together afterwards at Panera. Chance of rain in the morning but sunny in the afternoon. Please share with others who might attend. From Don, Doris & Lynn

Also you might like to show support for constitutional amendment enabling recall elections in Ohio (thanks to Larry T). .

And, please check listings at https://my.barackobama.com/page/event/search_simple?source=primary-nav  to join people in your area in making calls to spread the good word about health care reform to voters who are undecided about the law.  When making these calls at these phonebanks,  we are given a few very specific provisions of the law to mention to people, so no need to be an expert to make the calls.
Take care and let me know if you wish to discontinue receiving these emails. 
Lynn Buffington, ABUFFLG@gmail.com  657-0426