Honk and Waves!

Scheduled for December 6, 2011 5:15PM

Reminder:  “Honk & Wave” in support of health
care reform and to counter Pat Boone ads, rally 5:15 – 6:00 pm Tues, Dec 6,
before Affordable Care Act Form in Dayton, sidewalk outside 239 Wayne Ave,
Dayton, St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, Dayton

Have you seen the recent TV featuring Pat Boone trying to scare people once
again with outrageous lies about the Affordable Care Act?  It’s a familiar
drill:  rationing!  not being able to choose your doctor!
 massive cuts to Medicare!   That’s why we need you to (please) join
us in showing support for the Affordable Care Act in a Honk And Wave / Rally
before the forum, “Healthcare:  What the Law has Changed.  What
Happens Next?”    We will “Honk & Wave” at 5:15 on
the public sidewalk outside; the forum begins at 6:00 pm.    We will
bring some signs, but your own signs, homemade or otherwise are welcome.  
We will also have lit debunking the recent ads and we will offer it  to
attendees as they arrive. We are  car pooling from Eileen Martin’s house,
4:40 PM,  in Beavercreek (E. Patterson Rd.); let me or Eileen know if you
wish to car pool. Lynn 657-0426, abufflg@gmail.com; Eileen 429-0319. 


The forum is sponsored by
the Greater Dayton League of Women Voters.  The forum is free and open to
the public.  Following the  panel discussion there will be a question
and answer session, http://lwvdayton.org/league_news.htm  If you wonder why we need
to once again publicly support the ACA, you need only view the TV ad
 shown recently and widely in our area.  Watching the ad may give you
some ideas for a sign to counter the misinformation spewed by Pat Boone in this
ad.  You can view the ad and read FactCheck.org’s debunk at http://www.factcheck.org/2011/11/pat-boone-misleads-seniors/ 
  The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has also been running an ad in our area
calling “Obamacare” job killing (and also using a photo of Sherrod
Brown apparently doctored, adding a three day beard to a  photo in which
the senator is clean-shaven,    – the Chamber will not deny nor
confirm that the photo is doctored).  Those car pooling with Eileen and me
are planning  on staying for the forum as well, but it’s fine if you wish
to participate in one or the other and drive separately.