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Scheduled for November 6, 2012 7:30PM

This information from Lynn Buffington is updated regularly on this website and listed under Important Actions on the right of the screen.  It is always worth the time to read!  This is such great info – wanted to list it twice!

In this email I’ve collected information about this election.  1.  Party affiliations of some of the candidates who are  listed without party affiliations on the ballot.   2.  Please consider voting Yes On Issue 2.     3.  Link for previewing ballots for Greene County voters   4. Reminder that October 9 is the last day to register to vote.  5. Election Hotline Phone Numbers   6.  Early Voting In Person:  Less Stringent ID Requirement and Schedule   7.  Election Day Voting, ID Requirements , Hours and Polling Location  8.  Absentee voting by mail   9.  One page (double sided) attachment containing much of this information available as an attachment

1.  Party affiliations of some of the candidates who are  listed without party affiliations on the ballot.   Whether or not you wish to vote a party line, it helps to have this information since it is not on the ballot.   The Greene County Dems has a nice slate list that you may have picked up.  Here is the info:

JUSTICE OF THE SUPREME COURT- Term Commencing 1-1-2013

MIKE SKINDELL  – Democrat                    TERRENCE O’DONNELL   – Republican

JUSTICE OF THE SUPREME COURT- Term Commencing 1-2-2013

WILLIAM M. O’NEILL  – Democrat            ROBERT R. CUPP  – Republican

JUSTICE OF THE SUPREME COURT-Unexpired Term Ending 12-31-2014

YVETTE  MCGEE BROWN – Democrat      SHARON L. KENNEDY– Republican

JUDGE OF THE COURT OF APPEALS- 2nd DISTRICT – Term Commencing 2-9-2013

CARLEY INGRAM – Democrat                   JEFFREY M. WELBAUM – Republican

State Board of Education, 10th District

TODD  BOOK  –   Democrat                       JEFF  HARDIN –   Republican

There is a comparison of these two candidates at  Todd Book says he wants to protect education from privatization for profit.  Jeff Hardin says he would like to have a Ohio State School Superintendent who is a CEO, CFO, or corporate  treasurer. 

2.  Please consider voting Yes On Issue 2.   More at  and   Please note and spread the word that the ballot language is overly long and unclear, due to the fact that the ballot board is Republican dominated.    Most Ohio Republican legislators  oppose Issue 2 because they oppose true reform of redistricting because it will spoil the way they rig the districts (gerrymandering).   If Issue 2 passes, it will be more difficult for either party to pervert the process for their own benefit.  The League of Women Voters is a champion of Issue 2

3.   Greene County voters  can preview their  ballots  and/or print a sample ballot by entering their name at and clicking on “sample ballot. ”  Note that the order of listing of  candidates for a given office may vary from that on the sample ballot as the order  is randomized on the actual ballots.  

4.  Reminder that October 9 is the last day to register to vote.  Boards of Election are open 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM on Tuesday, October 9 for voting, registering to vote, and updating voter registration addresses and names. Greene County BOE is at 551 Ledbetter Rd, Xenia, 45385.  You may also mail in a registration form to the Greene County BOE, but it must be postmarked on or before Tuesday, October 9.   Forms can be printed from    Addresses can be updated after October 9, but will probably result in voting on a provisional ballot; it is definitely worth voting a provisional ballot if that is the only option, but regular voting is simpler and less error prone.

5. Election Hotline Phone Numbers   You can seek information and assistance at

ODP/Obama hotline 855-Vote199  (855-868-3199) 

nonpartisan hotlines:

866-MYVOTE1  (866-698-6831)

866-OUR-VOTE  (866-687-8683)

Nonpartisan Spanish hotline:

888-VE­­-Y-VOTA  (888-839-8682)

You can also seek information and assistance from the Greene County Dems in Xenia at 372-6003.

6.  Early Voting In Person:   Less Stringent ID Requirement and Schedule

Note that the ID requirements for properly registered voters are less stringent during early voting in person at the Board of Elections.   The only requirement for properly registered voters is the last four digits of the voter’s social security number or the Ohio driver’s license.

Early voting in person is at the Board of Elections.  For Greene County this is 551 Ledbetter Rd, Xenia, 45385.  Directions:  take Route 35, at “y” stay right on 35 E (do not take Route 35 business thru downtown), take US 42 N Exit,  go a little more than ½ mile and turn right on Ledbetter Rd.  Board of Elections is in on the right in the  middle of government offices.   Caution:  the Board of Elections moved from Dayton Xenia Rd in summer of 2011.

The Early Voting In Person Schedule is:

Tuesday, October 9th (last day to register/update)   8 am – 9 pm

Wednesday, October 10th – Friday, October 12th    8 am – 5 pm

Monday, October 15th – Friday, October 19th           8 am – 5 pm

Monday, October 22nd – Friday, October 26th           8 am – 7 pm

Monday, October 29th – Thursday, November 1st    8 am – 7 pm

Friday, November  2nd                                              8 am – 6 pm

We do not yet know if there will be any early voting in Greene County on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday, Nov 3, 4, or 5.  Check  for updates at

7.  Election Day Voting, ID Requirements , Hours and Polling Location


ID Requirement

Current Ohio Drivers’ license (does not need current address but must not be expired)

Current state ID card with your name and photo issued by OH Bureau of Motor Vehicles, (does not need current address but most not be expired)

Current government photo ID with name and current address

Current U.S. Military ID with your name and photo (not sure if photo is absolutely required)                                                                                                             

An original or copy of a current utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck or pay-stub, or government document that shows your name and current address.  Exception:  you may not use a notice from the Board of Elections.

If you do not have any of the above, you may use the last 4 digits of your Social Security number. You will have to vote a provisional ballot.    A regular ballot is best because it is simpler and therefore less error prone, but provisional ballots are definitely worthwhile and can make the difference in a close election.  Regular ballots are best, but provisional ballots are definitely better than not voting.  Provisional ballots are on paper but are not to be confused with regular paper ballots used by someone who votes by mail or  who requests a paper ballot when voting in person either on election day or when voting early in person.

Hours:  Election Day,   Tuesday, Nov 6,  6:30 AM to 7:30 PM

As long as you are in line at 7:30 PM you can stay and vote after 7:30 PM

Voting Locations Election Day

You can verify your polling location in Greene County  by entering your name at   or by calling one of the hotlines in item 5.  Note that some voting locations have changed since 2008 and 2010.

8.  Absentee voting by mail

Some voters used the application mailed to them by the Secretary of State office to apply for an absentee ballot by mail. Voters may also use other forms, such as the one at

Voters wishing to vote by mail should request a ballot as soon as possible.  Note that voters should ONLY request an absentee ballot  if they plan to vote with an absentee ballot. Voters who request an absentee ballot and then go to vote in person will need to vote a provisional ballot which will be counted after it is verified that the voter did not also mail in an absentee ballot.  Voters voting absentee by mail should make sure to carefully follow the directions for completing the ballot, sealing the envelope,  adding correct postage, etc.  As an alternative to mailing the ballot, voters may personally deliver the completed paper ballot to the Greene County Board of Elections office or outside drop box at 551 Ledbetter Rd, Xenia.  Voters CANNOT return the absentee ballot to their election day polling location.  Absentee ballots must be postmarked on or before Monday,  November 5 (earlier is better) or hand delivered to the Board of Elections office before 7:30 pm on election day. 

9.  Reply to this email if  you would like me to email you an attachment with a two page (one page double-sided) summary of  voting information for Greene County Dems so you can print it for yourself or others or forward it to those  who might like to have a list of the Democrats on the ballot in Greene County  (including those not designated by party) as well as info on early voting in person times,  hotline numbers, etc. 

Thank you and sorry for the length of this email!  Let me know of any corrections.  Please let me know if you wish to discontinue receiving these emails.  Please consider voting early so you can volunteer on election day.   Obama volunteers will be knocking on doors  going out mid-morning, early afternoon and late afternoon on Sat, Sun, Mon, and Tues, Nov 3 – 6 as well as most weekday evenings and weekend days from now until Nov 6.   Please volunteer with any of the candidates or  let me or one of the Obama staffers know when you can help; we need door knockers in the greatest numbers, but also needed are efforts of other  kinds. 

Lynn Buffington, volunteer,  657-0426

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