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  March 19, 2012
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Ohio Democratic   Party Statement on Mitt Romney Pledging to Roll Back the Clock on Women’s   Health Care Coverage

COLUMBUS – Ohio Democratic Women’s Caucus Director Lauren Harmon   released the following statement on Mitt Romney’s pledge to roll back the   clock on women’s health care coverage by repealing the Affordable Care Act:

“Today, a New   York Times article highlighted one of the most disturbing   realities of the American health care system: even in 2012, women across Ohio   sometimes still pay up to 50% more than men for identical health coverage.   And even if a woman’s policy lacks maternity care, she can still be on the   hook for higher costs because some insurance companies shoot up rates on   women due to potential complications from pregnancy.
  “Thanks to President Obama and Senator Sherrod Brown, in 2014 the   Affordable Care Act implements reforms that prohibit this so-called ‘gender   rating.’ This is a common sense approach to end a discriminatory policy   that’s harmed millions of women. But Mitt Romney and the rest of the Republican   presidential field have all pledged to overturn the Affordable Care Act, and   if they get their way women will continue to pay more for health care.
  “Mitt Romney thinks that it’s entirely fine for insurance companies to   jack up rates on a person just because she is a woman, and he’s fighting to   allow this type of discrimination to continue. In Ohio, women are fed up with   unfair, discriminatory health insurance polices and if Mitt Romney is intent   on standing up for discrimination, Ohio women will reject his vision of   America.”



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