SIGN Obama’s Petition in Greene County on December 20

Scheduled for December 20, 2011 7:00PM

 Petitions to put President Obama on the March 6 primary ballot

I recently emailed about the need to collect signatures to put President Obama on the ballot for the Ohio Democratic March 6 primary.    Greene County registered Democrats can sign in Beavercreek or in Xenia.  Registered Democrats are those who chose a Democratic ballot in the most recent primary in which they voted.  Greene County registered voters  can check their party status by entering their  name at

Beavercreek:  currently Bill Conner and I both have petitions.  Call one of us to arrange  to sign on Mon 12/19/11 or Tues 12/20/11
Bill Conner:  3193 Kingfisher Pl, Beavercreek, 45431 (a little bit east of North Fairfield Rd, north of  Dayton-Xenia Rd and south of Kemp Rd), phone 426-5221
Lynn Buffington:  354 N Ashleaf Lane, Beavercreek 45440 (off Darst, one mile south of Indian Ripple),  phone  657-0426
Carroll Day and Rebecca Morgann will have petitions later today. 

Xenia:  87 East Main St, 45385,  noon to 7 PM, Monday 12/19 and Tuesday 12/20

Lynn Buffington, volunteer,  657-0426