Single Payer

Scheduled for July 13, 2009 4:26PM

Greene Dem Party Endorsement Statement for  Single Payer
On June 18, 2009, the Greene County Democratic Party (GCDP) voted to endorse Single Payer for All as our nation’s health plan.  Single Payer is favored by the majority of physicians and nurses, as well as the general public.  Experts agree that it would be the most economical and effective way to provide comprehensive coverage for all Americans.  U.S. longevity is lower and infant mortality higher than all other industrial nations while we spend 80% to 150% more on health care per capita than any of those nations.  All other industrialized nations use Single Payer systems.  Single Payer opposition is lead by the private health insurance companies it would displace.  The resultant cost savings in employee health care for businesses would make them more competitive and improve our economy.  Some have cited that advocating the perfect (Single Payer) may lessen the prospects of the more politically achievable (public option).  The GCDP contends that strong public support for Single Payer will improve our chances of getting at least the good public option plan currently promoted by President Obama.

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