Ticket Holders for Obama/Biden Event Oct. 23

Scheduled for October 23, 2012 4:00PM

This is an email from our ever faithful Lynn Buffington about parking and access for Tuesday’s Rally!  Have fun!!


Hello Beavercreek and Friends,

I know that many of you  have tickets for the rally tomorrow (Tuesday, Oct 23).  I have had several phone calls asking about parking, seating, etc.  Below is the information the campaign has given out: 

Gates Open 12:30 pm.  (It will probably be hours after the doors open before the President speaks)

Address    Even Entrance  Island Metro Park 101 E Helena St     no pedestrian traffic will be permitted through Triangle Park to access Island Metro Park.

Parking:   Area parking is limited and we encourage carpooling or the use of public transportation.   Shuttle buses will be available to bring guests to the event from downtown.  Buses will leave and return from Main St, Dayton between Second St and Third St, adjacent to the Courthouse (on the west side of Main St, the southbound side of the street).   This shuttle will be available from 11 am until 1 pm before the event, and directly after the event. 

Security:  small cameras and cell phones permitted.  Please limit personal belongings to go through security in a timely manner.

Do not bring signs, bags, umbrellas, chairs, liquids,  or sharp objects.  Water will be provided at the event. 

It is important to arrive early in order to pass through security. 

A ticket is required for entry.  An ID is not required. 

Even will be primarily standing room and it suggested that attendees wear comfortable shoes.   A limited amount of seating will be provided for individuals with disabilities. 

Take care,
Lynn Buffington, volunteer, abufflg@gmail.com  657-0426