We Are Ohio

Scheduled for July 20, 2011 12:00PM

We Are Ohio is the coalition leading the efforts to overturn Ohio Senate Bill 5.  You can sign up at the website weareohio.com in order to receive periodic updates.  This group is coordinating the signing of petitions and subsequent efforts to stop implementation of Ohio Senate Bill 5, which is a drastic attack on collective bargaining by public employees.   The coalition includes many groups, among them are many unions and the Ohio Democratic Party. 

Signatures of 231,000 registered voters are needed and well over that number have been gathered, including many by Greene County volunteers.   A “People’s Parade” will deliver the petitions to the Ohio Secretary of State’s office on Wednesday, June 29.    All are invited to join in; more info at http://weareohio.com/Events/peoplesparade.html   In addition, there will be a press conference in Xenia announcing the totals for Greene County.  This will be at 11:00 AM, Thursday, June 30, outside the new location for the Greene County Board of Elections, 551 Ledbetter Rd, Xenia, 45385.  

Check back later for information on additional activities to repeal Senate Bill 5, including resumption of “Honk & Waves.”

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