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January 2, 2012

  January 2, 2012
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Neighboring   Governor Says His First Year Wasn’t Bad Because John Kasich Was Such A   Failure In Comparison

HARRISBURG – The Harrisburg Patriot-News   reported over the weekend that an internal memo from Pennsylvania Governor   Tom Corbett’s office stated that Corbett’s first year as governor was   successful because John Kasich and other Republican governors have thus far   been total failures.

The Patriot-News noted that Corbett’s   administration called Senate Bill 5 a “controversial collective bargaining   law” that “was resoundingly defeated” by voters. A Corbett spokesman defended   the   memo, saying it was intended to compare the Pennsylvania Governor’s   record to that of other governors – and saying that the memo’s assessments   “factually” laid out Kasich’s record.

Read the Harrisburg Patriot-News story here.

John Kasich earned the distinction this year   of being the nation’s most   unpopular governor. His brash conduct and inappropriate comments, as well   as his attacks workers, women and voters, have turned off Ohioans.

“Don’t take our word for it – just ask John   Kasich’s fellow Republican governors,” said Ohio Democratic Party   Communications Director Seth Bringman. “One neighboring Republican governor   publicly disagreed with those like John Kasich who did not support efforts to   rescue our auto industry. Another neighboring Republican governor mocked   Kasich for championing Senate Bill 5. We couldn’t have said it better   ourselves. From his attacks on workers’ rights to voting rights to women’s   rights, John Kasich has pursued an extreme agenda that has failed our state.”

Highlights of Governor Kasich’s first year in   office include:  

  • Sending        16,000 infrastructure jobs to other states. [Examiner, 11/6/10]  
  • Running        his administration in secret. [Columbus Dispatch, 1/5/11]  
  • Giving        huge salary increases to his political cronies. [Innovation Ohio, 9/28/11]  
  • Compiling        a non-diverse cabinet that doesn’t reflect Ohio. [Plain Dealer, 1/13/11]  
  • Unconstitutionally        appointing an out-of-state Development Director. [Plunderbund, 3/18/11]  
  • Turning        over economic development to a board that operate in secret. [Morning        Journal,        2/9/11]  
  • Saying        that those who want transparency are “hurting our kids.” [Plain Dealer, 12/16/10]  
  • Telling         an African American State Senator, “I don’t need your people.”        [Politico, 1/28/11]  
  • Threatening        to run people over with a bus if they didn’t agree with him.        [Plunderbund, 1/22/11]  
  • Calling        a police officer an “idiot.” [Columbus Dispatch, 2/16/11]  
  • Charging        taxpayers for security upgrades to his home. [Columbus Dispatch, 1/2/11]  
  • Becoming        the most unpopular governor in America. [Huffington Post, 9/30/11]  
  • Increasing        state government spending by $5 billion. [Executive Budget FY2012-13,        submitted 3/20/11]  
  • Cutting        $3 billion from education. [ibid]  
  • Imposing        back-door tax increases. [ibid]  
  • Cutting        funds for local services like fire departments by 50 percent. [ibid]  
  • Wasting        taxpayer money on excessive flights in his two taxpayer-funded planes.        [Dayton Daily News, 5/16/11]  
  • Supported        anti-choice legislation. [Reuters, 7/20/11]  
  • Signing        a voter suppression bill into law that makes elections less fair and        less accessible. [Columbus Dispatch, 9/28/11]  
  • Taking        credit for auto industry success even though he did not support recovery        efforts. [Chronicle Telegram, 12/7/11]  
  • Operating        in secret as a member of the Apportionment Board. [Ohio Campaign for        Accountable Redistricting, 12/16/11]  
  • Signing        into law an unfair, undemocratic and gerrymandered Congressional map.        [Associated Press, 9/22/11]

And most importantly:

Championing an anti-middle class   collective bargaining law that was overturned by 61 percent of voters.